All too often we focus on our failures and disappointments and tend to forget or disregard our

successes – this statement is not very far away from the truth! It is so easy for me to focus even right now on the failures and disappointments I have encountered in my life. Maybe I can justify by saying that I have go through many life breaking experiences until I wonder if there is something good out of this life. To be able to change this outlook, I am reminded to focus on the ‘few’ successes to propel me forward. These successes can inspire me and can serve as personal stories to enable me become passionate about my life again.

Maybe you should do the same? Start observing what you like about yourself, what inspires you and what is your contribution in this world. That way you will feel about yourself and walk with your head high regardless of what’s happening.

What do you focus on every moment and each day?

What do you commit to do every day to do improve what you focus on?

How can others help you have a better focus?


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