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Our professional pride traverses the private and public sector organisations where we have developed and delivered capacity building programmes impacting thousands of people glocally. This was made possible by harnessing different lifepowering ingredients; NLP, Life/Business Coaching, Goal Mapping and Art of Hosting. Themes that excite us and make our heart sing are; leading self, visioning, self-expression, leadership, values, collaboration, wisdom, entrepreneurship, purpose, potential.

How Our services will help clients (individuals and teams)

Improved performance

Increased engagement

Improved relationships

Better mental health

Increased self-awareness

Increased self-confidence

Enhanced team work through collaboration and co-creation

Better decision making

Greater ability to respond to opportunity, challenge and change

Able to guide meetings and conversations that are more effective and lead to desirable outcomes



Lifepreneurs are people who deliberately work to create outstanding personal and/or…



Training always builds the capacity of people in areas of responsibility to become more…

The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective…



Coaching is a process of raising awareness to individuals or teams to discover what…

Team Development

Training Development

Team Development through adventure…



Mentoring is for every one of us to provide guidance and share experience in the path we…

Why a client should choose us?

Our strength comes through our unique ability and intuitiveness to use our experience to understand the knowledge and skills people need and thereafter harness and integrate different methodologies so as to increase their performance and productivity.

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