About Me

Bikundo Onyari

How can I impact my life and those around me? This is the bigger question in life that I live by.

I spent many years’ soul searching my capabilities and potential to offer to the world and got stuck so many times. Later I realised that I was focusing so much externally and something needed to make a shift. At that moment I learnt to go deeper inside and trust myself. That is where the magic happened.

I am a free spirit being who expresses my passion through teaching, coaching, facilitating, mentoring and creative writing based on my personal journal and experiences. I am madly passionate about people development and what this can do to make the world a better place by fostering collaboration and collective intelligence to address complex problems. I love what I do since it enables me to be in the FLOW. My role is to demonstrate compassionate, life affirming and insightful examples that encourage and assist the emergence of self-empowered individuals who wish to reconnect to their innate wisdom to achieve a life experience of personal impact.

An eternal adventurer and quotes addict, I am always on the lookout for opportunities that offer freedom, fulfillment and joy. I love staying active, ocassionally do yoga, cycling and walks. I am a healthy freak and very choosy in what I eat since I do understand and resonate with my body better. To help me stay grounded, I listen to music, read books and meditate. I see money as an energy catalyst rather than an end goal of service rendered.

I was for a long time an extreme extrovert and now I am learning the importance of being an introvert and wanting to spend and enjoy my company. Learning to speak from my heart and trusting myself more by looking inwardly.

My professional pride traverses the private and public sector organisations where I have developed and delivered capacity building programmes impacting thousands of people glocally. This was made possible by harnessing different lifepowering ingredients; NLP, Life/Business Coaching, Goal Mapping and Art of Hosting. Themes that excite me and make my heart sing are; leading self, visioning, self-expression, leadership, values, collaboration, wisdom, entrepreneurship, purpose, potential.

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