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There is an easier way to ensure that you are able to build your personal confidence. Most people look for things outside of them instead of what they have inside.  Confidence can be built through appreciating who you are and where you want to go.  At times it is important to take a break and assess what power and ability we have to make our lives successful.

Lack of personal confidence is a block that denies ambitious and intelligent people from making their lives successful. They are unable to communicate well, relating with others becomes a challenge, sharing ideas with their colleagues becomes an arduous task and their concentration is easily distracted.

Do you, at times, feel this way? Can you describe yourself as a confident person who can share their thoughts and ideas without hesitating?

A Simple Exercise

Asking ourselves good questions can lead us to build our confidence.

  1. Have you ever asked yourself what things make you special? These need to be things about you.
  2. What are your personal achievement and successes even if they might not be big?
  3. What are you good at?
  4. What are your unique qualities?
  5. What particularly attractive physical feature do you have, even if it is a dimple?


If you have answered these questions honestly then you are a step ahead in bettering yourself as a person. To make this exercise more fun you can do it together with a friend or colleague.

– Bikundo Onyari

Bikundo is a self taught social entrepreneur, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a Bridge2Success mentor and coach for upward mobile young professionals who are ambitious, smart, go-getters and high achievers who are keen to create a dynamic and inspiring life. Bikundo feels purposeful working with people to realize and nurture their abilities. Apart from Kenya, he has worked in a variety of locations including Rwanda, Uganda, the Netherlands, Morocco and Mexico. You can reach him on Twitter @BikundoOnyari.

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