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“And when you try too hard, it doesn’t work. Try grabbing something

quickly and precisely with a tensed-up arm; then relax and try it again.

Try doing something with a tense mind. The surest way to become Tense, Awkward,

and Confused is to develop a mind that tries too hard–one that thinks too much.”

– Benjamin Hoff

Woaaah! A few days left before we usher in 2015! We indeed are coming to the end of the year and usually there is a huge sigh of relief for most people like me. Some of us might be saying this year was so challenging or it was so awesome for me. All in all, as the year comes to a close it gives us moments to relax and reflect.

Every year I have come to observe that there is so much pressure that either discourages us or is too demanding and denies us the opportunity to exercise creativity. For instance there have been moments where I noticed while in an important meeting, my mind veered off to think about pending tasks ahead. Now this denied me a simple opportunity to focus my creativity where it was needed at that time. I was in that meeting physically but my mind had zoomed off to other matters that were not going to help the meeting in any way.

As a result, I have learnt to get time off to relax every day even if it is for a few minutes. By doing this I also focus on the task which is at hand however demanding it might be. Relaxation is the key to freeing the mind for creative, holistic and right – brain solving.


Relaxation also is the idea of letting go of worry and this is so important for me. This is because I have a very strong urge to worry especially over things in the distant future and on things that are beyond my control. There are other instances where I have worried after I have made a decision. This is case of wasting my mental energy by not trusting the decisions I make. Once I have made a decision that energy spent worrying should instead be converted to focusing on what I have decided.

Relaxation therefore is key for rational thought process and for the brain be able to seek out answers. One must respond to the moment, not to worry over the past or the future. For success, both now and later, focus on the now . Live, act and create for the moment, the NOW, and it works towards the larger goal. It is recommended to live 24 hour increment periods. This is part of the idea that the plans of today will work towards the plans of tomorrow. Take it one day at a time in a positive, creative manner and relax. Stick to the plan and take it one step at a time and not worry over if we have immediate results or success. Letting go of worry allows me to focus on the task at hand and allows taking positive steps to achieve my long term goal.

As we enter the holiday season, I recommend that we take time to practice relaxation and manage our worries. This should assist us to recharge and reignite our energies needed for the success of 2015.

– Bikundo Onyari

Bikundo is a self taught social entrepreneur, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a Bridge2Success mentor and coach for upward mobile young professionals who are ambitious, smart, go-getters and high achievers who are keen to create a dynamic and inspiring life. Bikundo feels purposeful working with people to realize and nurture their abilities. Apart from Kenya, he has worked in a variety of locations including Rwanda, Uganda, the Netherlands, Morocco and Mexico. You can reach him on Twitter @BikundoOnyari.

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